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Burlington, North Carolina
Any of these product are compatible with aminofunctional silicones or any other nonionic or cationic products. These bases contain no nonionic emulsifiers. A 15% solids liquid version is also available.
All purpose cleaner based on propritary amine oxide technology
MerCleen DB 226
MerCleen DB 226 is a premium machine cleaner for trimer and color removal in jets and all other dye equipment. The product contains no alkali or hazardous components. A proprietary surfactant gives the product excellent suspending and emulsification qualities. The product is stable with the addition of caustic soda to enhance the trimer removal. The greater the trimer problem the more caustic the bath needs to be. The product is a high foamer with good foam stability at 265 deg. C
MercoSoft Base 1
Very slightly cationic, stearamide base that gives a soft buttery hand. The product can be made preacidified or the unacidified and the customer adds their own.
MercoSoft Base 2
Better fluidity and smaller particle size with the same % activity. The product is more cationic in nature than the Base 1, but has no more tendency to yellow than the Base 1. Hand is slightly different than the
Base 1, somewhat slicker, not as plush.
MercoSoft Base 3
The hardest of the three bases. Gives the slickest, firmest hand with very little tendency to yellow.