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Acid Clear. A solution of citric acid for pH modification and chelation of iron and calcium.

Antichlor. A liquid, easy to use solution for the removal of chlorine in water prior to dyeing and as insurance after using sodium hypochlorite solution.

Foamkill AT. A silicone anti-foam for use at all temperatures. FoamKill AT is stable in atmospheric machines with temperatures to the boiling point. A highly efficient anti-foam that requires only small amounts even in adverse conditions. Due to proper thickener selection, a reasonable tolerance to a wider pH range is obtained.

MerChem DSS. A multi-functional processing aid for use on cotton and polyester/cotton blends. This product is excellent for soaping off and suspending reactive and direct dyes without causing shade changes. It also improves the salt tolerance of disperse dyes and carriers. MerChem DSS controls the detrimental effects of water hardness and acts as a suspending and dispersing agent. The product also increases the solubility of reactive dyes in the presence of salt, therefore making level dyeings easier and more repeatable.

MerClean BK. A general purpose dye machine cleaner designed to improve and speed up the removal of trimer, dyes and oil deposits. Depending on the amount and severity of the deposits, a decrease in the amount of caustic soda and sodium hydrosulfite levels may be achieved. MerClean BK is a blend of nonionic and amphoteric surfactants for full coverage of cleaning capabilities while containing no nonylphenol ethoxylates.

MerClean DB-226. A highly alkaline machine cleaner with good foaming properties. The product is a blend of surfactants, water soluble solvents and various alkalis. It is a general all purpose interior or exterior dye machine cleaner, and also can be used for cleaning print blankets and screens very economically.

MerClean UMC. A proprietary blend of amphoteric surfactant and a quatenary amine for dissolving trimer and residual dyes. The product is high foaming and a multi-purpose cleaner.

MercoLube SP. Non-ionic and free-rinsing, SP is designed to have no effect on color or any other fabric properties after the bath is dropped. SP has excellent drag reduction properties for both fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-metal. The lubrication properties minimize stresses and strains on acrylic fiber when above Tg, thereby helping to minimize crack and ease marks. Fiber-to fiber lubrication helps alleviate the reasons for dyebath pilling.

MercoLube SPC. A blend of polymer and fatty ester lubricants. The product exhibits a wide degree of tolerance towards other auxiliaries and can be used in some peroxide bleach procedures. The lubricating properties are not affected by temperature as they may be with a purely polymeric lubricant.

MercoLev AL. A cationic leveling agent for acrylic fiber and a replacement for BTMAC without the environmental impact. The product is very cost effective due to its low usage levels - normally .5% o.w.g. Excellent migration properties and good buildup of shade are obtained without salt or other products.

MercoLev BAK. A direct and acid dye dispersant and lubricant for hard to dye cotton, nylon and wool goods, especially important on pastel shades. BAK also possesses excellent soaping off properties to remove excess dyestuff on the fiber.

MercoLev BM. A combination of leveling and lubricating agents for trouble-free dyeing of cotton and viscose rayon fiber. This product also contains a wetting agent for penetration in tightly knitted goods. If foam is a problem, then this product should be used in conjunction with a defoamer. Also is very good for doing repair work on unlevel dyeings.

MercoLev GA. A unique product in the fact that it levels and disperses dyestuff and has excellent migration properties. By acting on both dyestuff and fiber, the MercoLev GA is capable of handling the toughest problems involving wool, nylon and acrylic/wool blends. Designed for use in jets due to its low foaming properties, the GA can also be used in open becks and other forms of dyeing equipment.
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